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Never has the processing of your sport caught fish been easier. Fisherman's Processing is ready to show you how easy it is to have your catch processed More...

The game has changed! Today's angler realizes the importance of fisheries management and understand that more isn't better. Customers now take less fish, but demand a higher standard in the way their catch is handled. From state-of-the-art RSW storage to the finest procedures in the processing of their catch - they're guaranteed no finer product for their tables! Since 2010, We've set the bar for sport-caught fish processing. More...::

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Conveniently located 1.2 miles from the Sportfishing Landing in Liberty Station!

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Chef Scott Leysath ("The Sporting Chef") Fish Burger

The Sporting Chefs' spin on our Fish Burger

Ready for a burger? This is the way Chef Scott presented our fisherman's Processing Tuna Burgers at the 2015 Long Beach Fred Hall Show. Thanks you Chef Scott!

Start with a hot skillet or grill and cook burger no more than 2mins on each side.

Soy Sauce
Sweet Chili Sauce

Thanks, Chef Scott!

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