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"Every now and then, a fisherman/woman should use an old glass rod to appreciate graphite, use Hawaiian Tropic® to appreciate good sun block and clean a fish to appreciate fish processing. Amen!"

Hi Sean,

My fish arrived in AucklandNew Zealand this morning and within hours I was able to collect the two box's from FedEx and get to my home and into the freezer.

I'm pleased to report that all the YFT & Ono arrived in A1 condition.

Thank you, Melanie and the Fishermans Processing Team for another fist class job - I appreciate it.

All the best for thanks giving and the holidays.


Peter Thompson 



I was with Ryan Herzog on Sunday morning we had just gotten off the Shogun. I wanted to tell you that as usual, your team was excellent. It is so hard to find a company that gives any kind of customer service but to go over the top on a consistant basis is as hard to find as a hungry Swordfish. Your team does it every time. Great job!!!! 

 We had Yellow Tail poke for dinner last night and it was sooooo good. (Photo Attached)

 Thanks again for the great service,

 John Garrison


Re: Fantastic Delivery of Tuna!!!!!!!!!!

Sean, and everyone there:

Got my box delivered this morning in Birmingham!  You guys are 2 for 2 in my experience with you.  Thanks for everything and I'll come to you after my next adventure!

Andy Roberts

Hi Sean and Rosie-

Thank you again for your always superior service. The fish arrived at our Chicago and NYC offices today in beautiful condition. I made a sashimi and poke lunch for the Walnut Creek office today which was a hit.

Thanks for your part in allowing me to share quality fish with my family, friends and co-workers (or what I like to call, job security.)

See you in July!


Thanks for the feedback...

Just wanted to share this w/ you & Rosie... a lot of smiling faces all over Southern California thanks to you two.

Joe Chinovsky


Hi Joe,

OK, first off, thanks for sharing your fish with me and for having Fisherman’s Processing fillet them out. That saved me at least three hours of cutting and cleaning. Second, the Star lived up to their hype of taking care of the fish. BEST fillets I have ever cut up. No blood, perfect texture. The fish was great. I started cutting up the fish as soon as I got home and it took me about six hours to get the jars filled. I used Serrano Chilis and Jalapeños this time and left some jars plain. I started canning yesterday about 10 AM and was done with cleaning everything up around 8 PM. We ended up with eight cases of 1/2 pint jars and six and a half cases of pint jars. I weighed the fish out as I was cutting it up to put in the jars and there was 101 lbs of Perfect fish!! I cut five fillets and vacuum sealed them to eat as sashimi later. My wife Andi took some pictures of the process. The last couple of pictures are your canned tuna. I hope you are OK with me putting your name on the labels. It will help you know which trip the tuna was from. The Green Labels are the jars with chilis/peppers and the black labels have no peppers. Thanks again for sharing your fish with me. I hope I can get you your canned tuna sooner than later.


They not only did it again but they kicked it up a notch...

Sean and Rosie at Fishermans Processing are the true professionals in the biz.. After you get back from your bucket list fishing trip,,let them take care of your catch..You're tired and just want to get back to your family,, they, ( Sean and Rosie ) want to take care of your fish to ensure the highest quality. The professional packaging of your fish ensures that your fish are treated with the upmost respect and packaged to insure quality and freshness. And now you have to try the fish burgers.. Absolutely awesome,, 2 per pack and they are "off the charts" great.. What a great idea !!!

Thanks again Sean and Rosie you did it again!!!
D'Layne and Bob Rhynsburger

Good day Sean and Rosie,

just a quick note to say thanks for the great service, as always! Your professional attitude and service makes doing business with you a pleasure! The package of fish that you shipped to my sister in Utah arrived as scheduled and made them very happy.


 Tim Kinsella

This is Ron Schulz,John Plowman,and Chuck Robinson. Thank you again for taking care of our fish and driving us to AA freight and the airport. Our fish was processed better than any fish we have ever had done. We are already signed up for next years trip and I will stop by at the Fred Hallshow to sign up for your great service.

Ron Schulz

Fisherman's Processing Tuna Burger

All we can say is WOW!!!

Thank you Rosie and Sean…This is the best - we mean "the best burger" we ever had. We will definitely be ordering more. Hands down!!!!

Rachel Todd

That is the best smoked Yellowtail - in fact the best smoked fish I have ever had. Do nothing to your process, it is perfect.......

George Valois

Hey Rosie and Sean:

I just wanted to let you guys know that I really appreciate your commitment to quality product,service and the availability to your clients.

I had the opportunity to take advantage of your night drop service the other day after a successful trip on my skiff. As I drove through the spacious parking lot I started to reflect on all of the different ways I have been able to arrange to have my catch processed. I have been a customer since you opened your doors and have taken advantage of dockside pick up from overnight and long range trips to dockside delivery by water to your facility on my skiff and the latest night drop service.

After a long day of fishing it sure is nice to know you guys are there to take care of the fish in a professional manner to ensure the quality and maximize the freezer life of the product that we work so hard to catch. When you can open a package of tuna that has been in the freezer for almost a year and sear it and have it taste like it just came out of the water you know you are doing something right! Your latest addition tuna burger to the product line is off the charts.

Keep up the good work!

Tight Lines




I got word from my daughter in New York City that she got my catch today. She’s very excited to have yellowtail tonight, I thought she was going to invite friends to her apartment, but she said no way, the fish is all hers ….lol.

My buddies in San Jose said their package is arriving tomorrow. Thank you for taking such good care of my special needs! You and the staff at Fisherman’s are the best:-)

See you again in July!

Regards, Dan Iwata

Sean and Rosie,

I finally cooked the Grouper cheeks that Rosie cut out for me last year. Basted them with Lawry's Lemmon pepper seasoning and butter and garlic. BBQed them skin down at 375 degrees. Side dish was fresh avocado. Also had home grown tomatoes and cucumbers in a vinegar mix. Along with a nice bottle of wine. OMG.

You are the best!!
Don Klahs

Just wanted to say thank you for your service. You did a great job and very nice packaging.

Michael Ferraro

Hi Sean,

I wanted to thank you and Rosie and your crew for taking such great care of my processing and shipping needs. The people I shipped fish to were absolutely blown away by the quality. You guys are the BEST!!!!!!!!!! Put me down for #2 again for next year.

Thanks again,

Yes! Thank you so much for the great service and always a pleasure doing business with Fish Pros! BTW, I had the grouper for dinner and it was outstanding! Have a great day, see you next year Rosie..


Sean & Rosie,

I thought arguments at the dinner table had been long gone, but with fresh Tuna Burgers finding their way home, it's GAME ON! Thanks for this great, innovative processing option for our premium Ahi. Just another reason why Fisherman's Processing is and will continue to be my only "choice" for fish processing.

John M.
San Diego, CA

Hi Rosie girl,

I just want to thank you again for accommodating me on such short notice. You and your guys rocked that out by getting me to the airport on time and processing my catch perfectly! Well done and thanks a million!

Jeff Smith

After an off the charts fishing trip on the Excel (the best boat and crew in the fleet), Sean and Rosie met us at the docks and took care of everything. It is so comforting to get back and not have to worry about your catch. Every little detail was taken care off. I was able to relax and reunite with my family as my fish was properly cared for. Those two and their crew are the best. The fish, which has already been served up to several Texans is awesome. If you enjoy good old fashioned customer service, you know like it used to be, then you have to choose Fisherman’s Processing.

Thank you Sean and Rosie,, see you next year,

Bob and D’Layne Rhynsburger
New Braunfels, Texas

Sean & Rosie,

That canned Tuna with Jalepenos is freakin AWESOME!! Great job on ALL of them!!

Dave Kato


I was on the 7 day on the Excel and you guys did my fish. I was very happy with the results, to say the least!!

I have a private boat that I fish out of San Diego on Occasion. I am going to be down fishing next weekend and was wondering if you could help with the closest launch ramp to your facility. My plan is to use your dock to unload my fish for processing


Byron DeRoos

Hey Sean,

I am going to be on the Condor leaving on thursday August 7 at night, returning on Saturday the 9th in the morning. I would like to get my fish processed when I get back. I just wanted to let you know ahead of time, to help speed up the process on that Saturday. Since I live a couple of hours away, I would need my fish processed as soon as possible after getting back to the landing. I used the service on my 2.5 day earlier this month, and I was very impressed with all of you at FP, very friendly, courteous, and the end product was amazing. Also, it was very nice to have my fish ready to be picked up within an hour and a half, which is why I will always bring my catch to you guys. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know from beforehand to make sure that this can be arranged. Please let me know if this can be arranged, I would not want to use another fish processor unless I absolutely had to.

Thanks, -
Aren Pilavjian

Good afternoon Sean,

Just received our anticipated  shipment of Yellow fin Tuna from a local trip I did with Pete Gray on Tuesday and wanted to thank all of you at Fishermans for the great service and care for our catch.

Looking forward to having some tonight!

Best regards,

Dan Ostrosky

Thanks Sean!  

As always, you and the team at Fisherman's Processing are the best!

Don Salveson

Hi Sean,

I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with facilities at Fisherman's Processing. Close to the landing, new, clean and well staffed - the yellowtail I asked to be filleted with the skin off came out looking great.

Bill Chien
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Sean, Rosie, Tim and Randy,

Congratulations on your new ownership team. Also, congratulations on raising the bar for all the meticulous details, from on-board handling and processing of the fish, , through the logistics of transportation and then processing at the plant. Your dedication to quality at every step of the way reflects your love and respect for the resource and your customers. All anglers in the fleet are benefitting from your innovations and execution of industry best practices.

Best regards and happy fishing,

Larry Brown Youth Fishing Charity Charters
7020 Earldom Ave.
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293



As I get back to the normal daily routine it is once again clearly evident the ownership, management, and employee team at Fisherman's Processing is head and shoulders above the client satisfaction curve and dedicated to a positive consumer experience. The service with a smile, positive can do attitude, and attention to detail is without parallel. The unexpected personal touch of calling and confirming air delivery with my father concluded another once in a lifetime experience with the Royal Star and Fisherman's Processing. Please thank your entire crew (especially Rosie) for their performance under the pressure of a delayed arrival coupled with a tremendous catch and 20 anglers anxiously awaiting your perfect product.

Mark Bower

Hi Rosie,

Picked up our fish last night - everything went well like always. The whole thing went great from start to finish with you. The fish and the jerky look amazing, can't wait to start eating it. As far as I'm concerned, Fisherman's Processing is #1 in mybook. I've tried others down there, but they were nowhere near as good as Fisherman's Processing. I got off the Excel in Cabo and Rosie got my fish from the boat for me, traded my frozen fish in for cans, processed the rest and its in my freezer...

Thanks for everything - I'll be back next year!

Ted Prager

Wow,,, what an experience.. First going on a bucket list “San Diego Long Range Fishing trip” catching a great catch of yellow fin tuna, who by the way fought for their life and will be excellent table fair for many !! Then meeting two people who define customer service way beyond standards of the excellence. I’m talking about Rosie and Sean with Fisherman’s Processing San Diego. These two, who my wife and I now call friends, not only handled my catch with the upmost care, dedication and attention to detail from the boat landing to pick up, including coming in early to assist us getting dry ice in advance and help us package and seal five ice chests loading them on my truck so we could get an early start back to Texas. But wait,,,, they also recommended the finest San Diego sights to see and restaurants (Island Prime) we had the time of our life and both have fallen for San Diego, It’s not Texas but we had a blast, because of Rosie and Sean’s recommendations and exceptional customer service. It is the total package.. If you don’t use them for your processing you are missing out !!!

Take Care,

Bob and D’Layne Rhynsburger
New Braunfels, Texas

Sean and Rosie,

Dust has finally settled after my trip with Team Hoo. Just wanted to thank both of you for the great service as usual. Looking forward to trips in November and next January already. Have a great year and thanks again.

Rick Iwatsubo

PS Hope you enjoyed tuna and pargo.

Rosie & Crew,

Thank you so much for your great services and additional care taken in making sure our packages were delivered on time and received in perfect condition.

Thank you again.

Ray & Zayne Fassio

To everyone @ Fisherman’s Processing –

I want to personally thank you for your incredible generosity in taking care of my catch from the 2013 Boat Load of Heroes. I’m still enjoying that fish & all because of you. The processing was superb, but even more so was your people, Rosie & Sean are so nice and friendly, it was really a joy!

I know all of our Purple Heart Heroes are enjoying their fish, but the few that were taken care of by you received extra-special care!

The Wounded Warriors in Action is extremely appreciative of your generosity & Patriotism!

Thank you and God Bless America!

Mark Broda
Sr. Associate WWIA

WWIA Foundation

Good Morning Sean and entire Fisherman's Processing Team,

We receive this type of customer feed back in all the time spoken with sincere appreciation and gratitude. This quote is an excerpt from a letter received by long time Royal Star angler Larry Robinson who took a three or four year hiatus from long range and returned on a September voyage this year. I thought you all would enjoy this as yet another validation of all your efforts.

Thank you for making our operation better in so many ways.

Tim Ekstrom
F/V Royal Star

"The quality of product, filets, cans, and jerky is absolutely fabulous. The few lucky people who have sampled the filets have all raved about it. “Best fish they ever had”. FP does a wonderful job with Royal Star RSW preserved fish. I like the 5 mil packaging. I reserved a place for that morning and was in and out of there very quickly".

Greatly appreciated -

Larry Robinson

Every once in a while, we're really excited to hear from part of our "unseen team". Below is a note we received recently from our customer, Steve...


Southwest Air Freight @ Oakland gave you a BIG compliment -

"They are the best seafood processor we deal with. Never any broken boxes or problems"

Stephen R. Holmes
Livermore, CA

Fisherman’s Processing is a great service. We returned from a fishing trip, on the charter boat the Chief, on 14 Oct 2013, and turned in our fish at H&M landing to Rosie. We caught 4 Yellow Fin Tuna, 3 Dorado, and 30 Yellow Tail, totaling 180 lbs. The fish were professionally cleaned, wrapped, and marked in 1 lb vacuum bags. The processed fish shipped from San Diego on 15 Oct 2013. We received it via FedEx ground at our home in Barstow, CA on 16 Oct 2013. All the packages of fish were still frozen and ready to go directly into the Freezer. Fisherman’s Processing is the best way to get your fish from the boat to the freezer. This is the first time we have used this type service, but we will use it on future fishing trips.

Ralph W Smith
Barstow, CA


Just a note to let you know the FedEx package arrived within 20 hours of making the order.  The fish were in perfect condition, deeply frozen and as usual perfectly filleted.

Having your fish shipped is the only way to go!  My wife sent a T shirt to Pennsylvania at it cost $9.00.  70 pounds of fish delivered to your door costs $18.00.


Dave M.


Once again, you, Rosie & your fantastic crew provided us with the finest Bluefin sashimi from our recent charter aboard the Royal Star. The quality you deliver in the end product is astounding and I for one am extremely grateful for the care and service you extend to us and our group. Once again, Fisherman's Processing has our highest recommendation!

Mahalo nui loa,
Ben Ouano
Garcia Ouano Charter 2013

Hi Sean –

Just got off the Royal Star yesterday and wanted to say your gang did an excellent job in processing our fish.

I’m very pleased.  Please let them know we appreciate their work.

Kind regards, 

Rob Kelber
July 11, 2013

Rosie, Thanks so much for your hard work and professionalism.  I will recommend you guys to all my friends. 


Tom Regner 
Owner, Town Lake Construction, LLC 
July 18, 2013

I would like to thank the crew at Fisherman's Processing for a great job! Returned from my 8 day Penn trip on the Shogun.  They not only let me show off all my fish, but waited until I was done taking pictures. Very
professional, very patient and courteous. They listened to how I wanted everything done and when it was time for me to pick up, everything was boxed up and labeled ready to go. Again, my deepest gratitude and I look forward to using your services again in the near future.

Paul L. Pangan
National City, CA.
June 30, 2013

Fisherman's Processing is honored to be involved with so many great organizations. Through our donation program, we're able to process donated fish and get it to some really great organizations. SteppingStone, the largest and most experienced Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) specialist in San Francisco recently received donated fish and wrote us and sent some pictures thanking us for our support. Remember, donations are welcomed and we'll make sure the product gets to some really appreciative people in many parts of our great state! Below are some pictures of their clients making a "thank you" banner for our support!
May 26, 2013


I just wanted to say thanks for your fast and good service again . I might be back in Nov. not sure yet . I will let you know ahead of time of my trip 

Thanks   Lee Fonseca
April 21, 2013

Dear Rosie and Sean,

Please extend our appreciation and gratitude to your entire staff for the exceptional service provided in processing our fish.

We have used your establishment on two recent dates (December 6,2012 and February 6, 2013), to received the same and consistent service and care of our catch. Every person we were in contact with was pleasant and appeared to be happy while completing the tasks at hand. Going above and beyond the requirements of the job to ensure the customer happiness was noted and appreciated. This is a rare quality in today's world, but to find staff wide is amazing. Your team is exceptional.

We have and will continue to recommend your services to those we encounter. Thank you for making us feel like we are important and matter to your business, not just a number (so to speak).


Karen & Joe Johnson
Sylmar, CA
February 16, 2013

Hi everyone:

Thanks for the usual fine job with the processing of my yellowfin and wahoo. The shipment arrived in fine order via Alaska Air and is now residing in my freezers.

Great service, thanks again and I'm looking forward to another trip on the "Indy" and your support in the future.

Bob Hager

Hi Rosie,

I received my tuna yesterday evening. Southwest had bumped it off the original flight so it made its way to Tulsa via Phoenix, El Paso and Houston, The tuna was in great shape and I received 134 pounds of fillets instead of the 95 pounds that Southwest had listed on their manifest. You did a great job processing the fish and I will use your service every time I need my fish processed and shipped.

Thank you very much.

Lester Eldredge
Okmulgee, OK


Thank you vey much for the poke recipe - I'm sure we'll enjoy it. Wanted to drop you a quick line to express our sincere appreciation for your team's attention to detail in the processing of our order as well as the hospitality. Those two items alone will guarantee a return visit.

Respectfully Submitted,


Hi Rosie and Sean,

I guess this note is overdue! You guys are without question the greatest!!!! Your service and product is nothing short of the best in San Diego!

Sean, I’m still overwhelmed with your kindness to give the Judge and I a ride last March to my cousins in MissionBeach after I lost my cell phone on the Fortune trip!

Rosie, you put the final touch on all my trips with your attention to our needs and service and not to mention your friendship! Thanks for the FP shirt, it will be well advertised! What’s the status on my jacket order? Christmas is almost here and one is a gift for the Judge!

You two and your crew have made FP the success it is!

Looking forward to seeing you both again soon! I’ve got 4 trips booked in 2013!

Your friend and loyal customer,

Bob DuPont
Reno, NV

Hi Fishermans Processing guys and girls,

I worked on a few boats out of H&M for about 8 summers (while going through school) and during my own personal fishing trips, I have always filleted my own catch. This past trip I did not have the time in my schedule to fillet them. I was wary about paying the $0.75 per pound for the fillets. After receiving the processed fish, I was blown away. Perfect filleting, perfect vacuum sealing, and such quick turnaround. Just wanted to say thanks and cant wait to have you guys fillet my next trip's haul.

Scott McEachern

Hi Sean,

Thanks for such agreat job on the processing on my fish. Had a great time on the Royal Polaris - can't wait to go again. My fish filets are super tasty. I also tried Capt. Pelican Phils recipes on your web site and the two I made were fantastic. One was the Masala Curry in Coconut Sauce and the Hoisin Potato Fish and man, was that good. Thanks again and I can't wait to go again and will have you guys do my fish again.

Thanks again,
Jessie Ray

Sean and Rosie -

I just wanted to thank you guys for the superb service - I dropped the fish off yesterday, picked the fillets up frozen solid
and looking perfect this afternoon.  You guys are awesome, and I just wanted to say thanks.  As soon as I book another trip, I'll be calling you for cleaning!!

Thanks again.

Gary Edmonds

Dear Rosie and Sean:

I picked up our fish today at the Reno Airport and all went smooth. Thanks for your help and your good service. It has been a pleasure. We are happy and all is well. Thanks again.

Jim Laret


Sean, Rosie and Tim

I just picked up my load of fish from the airport and took it home; THE BEST LOOKING LOINS AND FILLETS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THEM. The tuna was an actual ruby red, the YT had no bloodlines and the dorado looked to be fit for a king.

Thank you!
Brian Nielsen
Customer Support Manager
W.W. Williams

Good afternoon Sean,

Just wanted to pass along a big “Thank You” to you and your staff. They were very courteous and quick. I was on the road by 9:45am. The packaging was beautiful.

If there is ever anything I can do for you please let me know or tell Pete Gray.

Best regards,
Dan Ostrosky
Manager , Government Relations
Yamaha Motor Corporation

Sent to the Royal Star... Our boats and crew really know how to handle their catch prior to Fisherman's Processing finishing the job!


Please tell Tim and the crew on our Aug 10-16 we really appreciated all they did to make the trip enjoyable. This was my third trip on the Royal Star, but my wife's first. She has done a lot of fishing, but never tuna fishing. She really appreciated all the help she got from the captain and the crew. She said she did learn one thing. Take a shower when the boat is stopped. The meals and entertainment provided by the chefs wee appreciated.

Your fish processing was great. All we had to do was rinse them off and put them in jars. My son went to Monterrey last Monday and three of them caught 41 albacore. He brought them back after the boat had cleaned them. What a mess. They gaffed them in the body and left the blood line. It took us three days to can the fish. We will be back

Thanks again

Bob & Karon Locke

Good morning Sean,

Joe Chinovsky from Culver City here. I was on Shogun this past Sunday.

I just wanted to thank you & your entire staff (especially Rosie) for making me look like a King in front of all of my buddies and other strangers.
Excellent service and product, I mentioned it in my report on Bloodydecks. Please take a peek.

Rosie showed me some tuna that she was putting some peppers on. Is that available to purchase over the net?

Take care, I'll see you (& Rosie) in November, if not sooner.

aka Picasso
aka Loreto Joe


Having been a "friend of Fisherman's Processing" since day one, I've always been impressed by the positive feedback that you receive from customers. I really wanted to say THANKS to you and all your team for the unbelievable service we received yesterday after a day of skiff fishing locally. A pleasant surprise was our catch of dorado, but the highlite of our day was dropping our fish off in the ice-filled catch bag and leaving with our catch professionally processed, vacuum-sealed and re-packaged in the catch bag (which had been cleaned out and refilled with fresh ice).

Several of your team asked when the fish were caught, due to their quality upon arrival. I believe in using the best tackle, equipment and accessories to ensure a rewarding and enjoyable day while fishing. Having fished for almost 50 years, I can say without hesitation that the quality of fish is surpassed only by the skill and dedication your entire team exhibits when processing a customers catch.

From processing my son's first yellowfin last season, to shipping fresh yellowfin to my relatives in New York, to our dorado yesterday - Fisherman's Processing continues to exceed my wildest expectations! Whether fishing on a San Diego-based sportfishing boat or on a private boat, Fisherman's Processing is the ONLY CHOICE for all processing needs.

Thanks Again,

John Malthaner
San Diego, CA

Sean, Rosie and Raymond,

Just wanted to acknowledge the excellent service and product you are providing. I was on the June 16-24 trip on the Royal Polaris and your help in getting my fish processed and to me was wonderful. I travel from
Gainesville, Florida to fish and like to take some of my catch home. You helped me arrange the shipping so it worked well and easily. The fish came in perfect condition in the midst of our hot season. I know you all did research on the best and most timely, direct route. I really appreciated the timely communication to make it all work.

I have had fish processed by other services at the dock and I can say that the quality of the jerky, smoked fish and the fillets, as well as the packaging was exceptional and frankly much better than your competitors. I
write this while munching on a piece of yellowtail teriyaki jerky and enjoying each bite. Thank you to all of you for your hard work on my behalf. I look forward to seeing you next trip.

Be well,
Frank Merillat


Just a short note to thank you, Rosie & your entire crew for the excellent care of our private charter on the Royal Star July 8-15th. We had full boat limits of Yellowtail, Yellowfin & Bluefin Tuna for everyone. The detail and care that the Royal Star crew took in safeguarding our catch, along with your team's expert handling and processing reflect the absolute quality that we have come to expect from your top-notch operation. Jill and I amassed over 1300 lbs. of fish to be processed and total time from offloading at the dock to processing was only 2 1/2 hours. We were on our way home by 9am.

Once again, you have my highest recommendation. I look forward to having Fisherman's Processing service our charter group next year.

Ben Ouano
Las Vegas, NV

Hi, I would just like to say thanks one more time for fast and great service again . All the fish looks great and the bellies are perfect I can't wait to get them in the smoker.

Lee Fonseca

Thank you for the excellent service. I had a nice easy pick-up from PHL cargo city. I loved the fact that I got off the boat in Cabo, never went to San Diego and 9 days later my fish showed up all boxed, vacuum sealed and frozen.

That is why I fish the Royal Star and will continue to do so. I love the processing and could not speak more highly of my first experience with Fisherman's Processing. One suggestion I would like to offer would be to include some recipes to complement the various products (i.e. fresh / frozen /smoked etc.)

Thanks again,


Got the fish boxes home, opened, and sorted. Wanted to let you know that I am impressed with the finished product and your packaging. The fish bags were ice cold within the boxes. As I mentioned, I fillet, vac seal, box & ship salmon & halibut during the summer in Sitka and your business does the industry proud. For airfreighted fresh fish, it could not have been any better. Thank you for your help.
Eddy Sisom


I cannot thank you, Rosie and the rest of the crew at Fisherman’s Processing enough for all the work that was done to get my fish processed and boxed correctly for shipment with me all fresh. The check in went off perfectly and when I arrived in Portland that same afternoon with 550 lbs of fresh fish it was great. The quality of the product was way better than expected. And I was expecting a very good grade.

There would be no question who to use to process my fish on any future trips. Excellent quality and very reasonably priced. And the service is top notch. Between the Royal Star fishing and Fisherman’s Processing your customer service is about the best I have ever seen. I sure hit the jackpot in getting this experience on my first trip ever. A bunch of us are having a Poke night (usually about 20 or so of us) and I will be bring some YFT for the event. Mostly they all want to taste the fish and hear the stories I have to tell.

Wayne Waldron

Sean, Rosie, Monica, Tim, Randy, et al…

I would like to thank you for the service provided. Being unable to fish this season, I fully took advantage of your “Fish for A Friend” program. Having been a previous inbound client from a Long Range vessel to other processor's and recently, having coaxed several friends to bring me back a fish or two, much to my surprise, your operation provided the level of service expected as the crew of any San Diego Long Range operation. I was not just another number, but was addressed by my name! From beginning to end, Fisherman’s Processing will always be my first choice and recommendation for fish processing. There is a difference, Fisherman’s Processing is it!

Many Thanks!
Jerry N.
Pasadena, CA.


I wanted to thank you and the whole Fisherman's Processing team on the tuna I had processed from my recent Royal Star trip!

Having been on other trips in the past, the whole post trip carting of fish is now a thing of the past...I truly appreciate the whole process that you have created with the Royal Star!

I also would like to thank Rosie...what a perfectionist! She sent a few packages of fish back when the seals on the vacuum packing where not to her standards...truly a sign of care for the business you all have!

Thank you again.



I received my order today and it is excellent as usual. I really like the 5ml bag option. Thanks to you and all your team for providing such a great service. All of your staff has been exceptionally helpful and professional. You have created a great business and service. Thanks again.

Greg Fox

Tim et al,

Being 65, raised fishing in LA and San Diego, I have eaten my share of yellowtail - raw, grilled, fried battered, fancied up, you name it. But up until this year, yellowtail was always yellowtail - a little greyish, a little fishy, with not much taste. But gotta eat it since there is so much in the freezer and its all thats left after the yellowfin is gone.

On the recent 10 day on the Royal Star, Jeff made a yellowtail, grilled on the outside to be slightly crunchy, baked on the inside to be soft yet chewy. It was the best I've ever eaten in 65 years - not fishy - flaky, firm, great taste. Sauce was great too. Jeff told me it was the RSW.

As well as a 200 pound tuna, I had several yellowtail processed just to try it out. Same outcome. Best yellowtail ever. The service was excellent, the people down there fun, Had my fish out in a couple of hours. From now on, 100% will be processed . Thanks for doing such a great job.

Ron Miyakawa

Hi Ladies

I just wanted to say thanks on the great job on my fish and I will be back again . I heard you met my friends that fished on the Apollo - that is the boat that I always fish in Nov. but this year I did the Red Rooster. I am glad they took my advice and made an appointment with you and they said they would go back again . Hope to see you soon.

Lee Fonseca


Recently fished a 4 day trip on the Spirit of Adventure with record catches and now your crew calls me "the albacore lady". This is my second year you processed my fish and I wanted to tell everyone that if you want to enjoy your fish for over a year or more, get over to Fisherman's Processing and let them handle your fish. Your staff uses extreme care at the landing all the way down the line to Rosie and Sandy carefully sizing each piece of fish to fit the vacuum seal bags. Your entire processing team is certainly a "cut above" your competitors and with the passion and dedication in what they do, should make you proud. Keep ringing that Bell, your team deserves it !!!

Sandy Fishell
El Centro, CA

When we went to pick up our fish at Fisherman's Processing, Danny's batch was first, so he paid his bill and got what he needed to take home fresh and planned to go back the next weekend to pick up the rest that were to be frozen and some smoked.

My batch was to be next, but the big grouper got partially frozen on the Indy, so they had to wait a bit to process that one. In the meantime they fileted and packed some BFT and YT to take home fresh. I was planning to come back with Danny to pick up the rest later. They were busy so they told me to just take the fresh fish and pay for everything when I came back. They sure are trusting.

The following Saturday we picked up our fish, I paid my bill and the gal even threw in a smoked grouper collar they had from someone that didn't want it. After I got home, I got a call from Rosie apologizing that the guy that loaded my batch forgot to put in the smoked fish and some additional jerky that I had ordered. Since I was going to be out of town the following week she would FedEx it to me. Coo,l I thought. I figured a couple of pounds.... no big deal, nice offer. FedEx delivered it behind our gate and Peggy called me to tell me she had a hard time getting the box in the house...... there was about 35-40 lbs of smoked fish and jerky from my order! It must have cost them a bundle to ship it FedEx overnight. If I would have known it was that much, I would have driven down again the following Saturday to pick it up.

Fisherman's Processing is a first class operation and they really go the extra mile to make sure we, their customers, are taken care of.

Peter Koga


Just a short note of thanks for the wonderful fillets/smoked/jerkied yellowtail and tuna from my Intrepid 7 day trip in August. Upon meeting Rosie & crew at the docks, my catch was promptly loaded in your seawater bins and transported immediately to your facility for processing. Total time from boat to final delivery was less than 2 hours. I appreciate you holding my fish as I was in transition of moving my household.

The sashimi cut tuna lions were perfect and a welcome addition to our BBQ. The quality of your service is impeccable and I highly recommend Fisherman's Processing to anyone who values their catch. Looking forward to having you process my fish on my upcoming Cow trip in 2012.

Many thanks again,
Ben O.

Hi my name is Anthony Lo Grande, I used Fishermen's Processing for the first time after going on a three day trip aboard the Royal Polaris. I have been around fishing my whole life,from growing up on the seiners with my grandfather and father, working on the sportfishing boats in Long Beach and San Pedro, and I have been around fish market's and canneries. I have never seen a facility that processes fish as clean as your facility is. Your staff at Fishermen's Processing is by far the most professional,friendly,and hospitable group of people. I have never use a processor before, I used to go home after a trip and clean the fish myself because I never trusted anybody to cut my fish, but know I did find that place and I would like to thank you for the excellent job you do (my wife would probably thank you as well for the house not looking like, as she would say "a murder scene" the sink full of fish and the trash can full of fish carcass, I think you probably get my point).
Thank You,
Anthony Lo Grande

Oh, my goodness! Your new fish jerky is outstanding! We thought the yellowfin jerky Bob brought home was good until we just picked up the yellowtail jerky from the airport. The teriyaki yellowtail jerky is absolutely perfect. The flavor and consistency is fantastic and I love the size of the pieces. My husband, Bob, a big black pepper fan, requested half of the yellowtail be made into black pepper smoked jerky. It turned out great, too, and is really different as it's a much drier jerky than the teriyaki. I think you've got another hit on your hands.

We've been taking busman's holidays and long range fishing every year with the Royal Polaris for the past 17 years. Being in the fishing business, we started out bringing our fish home to process them ourselves. What a pain in the butt! Then we realized that having the fish cleaned, vacuum packed and ready for pickup just hours after we hit the dock or flown to our local airport is worth every penny. And, without a doubt, Fisherman's Processing really is THE premier processor. Just like the RP, you guys are the cream of the crop. The facility is ultra-clean, the management is top notch, and the quality of the product you turn out...whether it's fillets, smoked fish, and now the absolutely fantastic.

We definitely appreciate the great service you provide and the care you put into ensuring our catch receives the TLC it deserves. Keep up the great work!

Sherry and Bob Ingles
Owners, Queen of Hearts Sportfishing
Half Moon Bay, California

Yesterday I drove my 1.5 hours to SeaTac airport to pick up my processed fish from my 7 day trip on the RP...

When I got home and opened the box, I discovered that the fish was 100% still frozen solid, perfect condition..those new freezer boxes that you guys use are outstanding...I have had fish shipped from Alaska in other containers, but none were as effective..

Thanks again for your great service.

Bill Gilpin
Camano Island, Wa.

Hi Sean, I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent product and service I received from you guys on my Royal Polaris 7 day trip at the end of June. My friends and family can't stop raving about the Tuna jerky. You guys really have a winner in that one. I especially like the peppered blue fin. The other great thing is the same day service you offer. It's nice to not have to drive back to pick up my fish. Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to using your service on my next trip. Also, please thank Rosie for all her help on the dock. What a nice lady!


Tony Garza
Anaheim, CA

Thanks to Sean, Rosie, Brandon, Monica and crew at Fisherman's Processing. Not only did they get me on the road with some coolers full of filets in under two hours after we landed, but they also shipped me a box of smoked YT, smoked YT collars, YT pepper jerky, and YT teriyaki jerky - all in time to enjoy for the weekend.

John "JC" Wileman

Dear Fisherman's,
I fished on the Independence on its last 7 day trip and I chose your plant to process my fish. Wow! What a great job you guys did preparing the fish. Delivered on time as promised, perfectly cut and sealed.

My wife is a scientist in the lab of a local hospital and she shared some of the smoked fish with other employees at the hospital. They could not get enough so she promised to bring more the next day. People who were not scheduled to work that day showed-up to have more fish. Near riot conditions occurred with people pulling and tugging at the packages. You created a monster with you product. Good work. You've earned my business.

Dennis B
Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Fisherman's Processing,
I just wanted to thank you for doing an excellent job packing my fish from my American Angler trip last week. I had come in the week before just to look
Thank you,

Martin W.
July 24, 2010

Hi Sean,

First off, thank you very much for the excellent job your operation did with our catch!

I and several friends left on a 5 day trip on the Royal Polaris on July 16 and to make a long story short, we did very well on this trip. It was decided that we'd pool all our fish and use Fisherman's Processing service since we were traveling caravan style. What you need to understand is that I don't normally use a processor at all, preferring to take mine home to cut and vacuum pack them myself. However majority rule was in effect and I didn't have any real objection anyway. With our fish being taken care of we then went to breakfast and returned about an hour or so later.

My first impression of your operation was that it was very clean and well set up for the work flow. As we began to see the finished finished product coming out to be packed into the coolers, the quality looked excellent! Everything was clearly labeled and the young man who was helping us load the coolers inspected every single bag of fish to make certain it was well sealed! (And brother, we had a LOT of bags!) If memory serves he actually did find a total of six bags that hadn't sealed well. (This was an extremely small percentage out of between 1,400 and 1,500 lbs. of finished product we received!) These packages were immediately taken back inside, rebagged, and resealed for us.

Even with the large amount of fish we had caught, we were iced down, loaded up, and on the road home by 11:00 am that morning, exactly the time we'd been told!

Given the timeliness of the service, the cleanliness of the facility, and the quality of the product, I have no doubt that our group would use you folks in the future!

Thanks again!,

Chris C
July 27, 2010

P.S. I smoke my own fish and we didn't have any done by you, but I did try the samples both on the dock, at your facility, and on the boat. I can highly recommend your smoked fish as well. It was delicious!

Dear Fisherman's Processing,

Thank you very much for the awesome service and final product after my recent 5 day RP trip. Your facilities are the most modern, clean and well run. Most importantly, the fish came out looking great!
I must admit I was really impressed. As a customer of another well known and highly regarded fish processor I can say it's great to have options.

Best wishes,

Bill C.
Los Angeles, CA
August 2, 2010

Hi.  I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am about the quality of your processing and your customer service in general.  My order arrived in New York by FedEx this morning with everything well packed and frozen.  I had some Wahoo sashimi this afternoon and smoked Wahoo for dinner.  Both were superb, especially the smoked Wahoo which was moist and very flavorful.  I can hardly wait to try my smoked Yellowfin and the smoked Yellowtail!!!  I know you will be very successful when the word gets around that you do such a great job.  Please feel free to use this letter for your advertising if you wish to.


Ira D.
August 4, 2010


Thank you for the time and attention given to my catch on my 8 day RS trip earlier this Summer. Being an out-of-towner, I was very happy to receive my perfectly processed catch of BFT, YFT, YT, smoked ALB and smoked YT, all solidly fresh frozen and air freighted to Oakland via Southwest and in eight 50 lb boxes. Many others (family, friends, office) have enjoyed this bounty, and we have had sashimi, sushi, pokey, ceviche, seared, baked, barbequed, smoked on bagels, left-over as tuna noodle casserole ...etc, all far superior to store-bought fresh and frozen in my area. Thanks again, Mike G.

[ Mike G., Royal Star 5/28-6/5, #13]

Hi Sir,

I am the member of the Samoa Independent Full Gospel church, I would like to say thank you so much for the fresh fish. During these economical hardship times, my family and I would not be able to purchase fresh fish. Thank you for your donation - it was truly a blessing. My prayer to the Lord is to keep your company growing and bless you as your thoughtfulness continues to bless others.

God Bless,

With 6 long range trips under my belt on the Royal Polaris I can tell you that I was happy when they went to RSW (refrigerated seawater), but now that they are affiliated with Fisherman's Processing I'M ECSTATIC!

Normally I ship my fish since I'm staring down the barrel of a long drive to the Santa Cruz Mountains. When you have fished hard and had a successful trip the last thing you want to do is wait long hours or overnight for your catch to be processed. From the Royal Polaris to my van everything was flawless and completed in a timely manner. Years ago I had the opportunity to work for a friend's smokehouse and I can appreciate the clean, efficient environment at Fisherman's Processing. The staff was very capable, informative and FRIENDLY... Even when dealing with a sleep-deprived client like me. I was also happy to learn that I could donate fish to FISH. FOOD. FEEL GOOD. of San Diego and help those in need.

The day after I got back from my 7-day trip I hosted a sushi party at home and my husband, friends and neighbors were blown away by the quality of the yellowtail I caught. In the future I look forward to repeat business with Fisherman's Processing and more adventures on the Royal Polaris!

Best Fishes,

"Baja Bev"
Los Gatos, CA

Please pass along to everybody how very happy I was with your craftsmanship and services.
The 5 mil film is great. Highly recommended!!

Stephen K.
Spokane, WA

Hi Scotty, you might want to tell Frank that I picked up my fish from Fishermans Processing and I was impressed ! The location was great, the underwater photo's the best and the service and end product was first class. Sean, Rosie and Monica were enthusiastic and pleasure to deal with. Much success!

Doug Burton

Dear Sean:

Many thanks for your outstanding service and processing of our fish from the Shogun/Western Sport Shop trip. The quality of your filleting and packaging are far superior to any of your competitors. The service was fast and clean. The counter personnel were both personable and efficient. I have placed your brochures in Western Sport Shop's two tackle shops for all to see. I look forward to next year's trip. Thanks again for ending my trip on a positive note.

Best wishes,

Richard Birnbaum
Western Sport Shop

I was on the Star 7-day that returned Saturday the 2nd. I am impressed with your operation! As you know, the Star runs like a big family and it was great to see and have the same feeling using Fisherman’s Processing. When it feels like family, you can’t help but know that you are being taken care of properly. The facility is great. The people are helpful and the product is spectacular.

I can’t wait for a season that I can actually catch something in my skiff so I can drop it off for you guys to take care of too! Maybe next season.

The only thing missing was the ability to buy a shirt…can that be done? I would like one so I can show off my fish processor to everyone.

Thanks for the great service!!
Dave Moran, CPA
San Diego, CA

After returning from a summer 5 day on the Royal Star with my fish fresh from the RSW, Fisherman's Processing promptly picked up the fish from the RS in their iced salt water totes, delivered them to their facility a few blocks from Fisherman's Landing for custom filleting and packaging.

I had quite a bit of fish, but was well taken care of and I was on the road home in side of three hours from arrival. The processing was exceptional. I've been doing this a long time with other processors, but this was the best experience I've had.

The Royal Star takes extreme measures to deliver their catch in prime sashimi condition. Fisherman's Processing completes the effort.

Congratulations on a great service.
Dave Berutich
Laguna Hills, CA

Thanks. I appreciate your notice. FYI, I used 5 Star last time and their smoked was a great hit. However, I think yours is superior in flavor and moistness. Everyone who has tried it – and I tend to give a lot away – has raved about it.

Ned Nash

Just got home from dropping off fish to all my friends while making a big circuit around town on the way back from the airport. The quality was exactly what I expected, just superb. (You should see what the Royal Star's RSW preparation and you guys did for my wahoo!) But what impressed me more was that you called me yesterday to confirm that today was indeed the day I wanted it airfreighted up here, and that I had the shipping number. Now that's attention to detail!!


Jim Hopkins